Complete accounting books

    The section shows the details of the operations, reflecting the actual situation of the business operations of the enterprise. However, the general situation is quite common among most businesses due to uncertain knowledge of accounting standards and operations, lack of qualified and stable specialized personnel, leading to the inadequate accounting systems. , messy, not under the standards, making it difficult to manage and check, arising problems, tax mistakes leading to serious consequences when making tax finalization, causing damage to the enterprise

    After receiving the certificate of business registration, tax registration and round seal, the Enterprise needs to prepare the initial tax legal documents to submit at the District Tax Department, where the Enterprise is located. to buy accounting books and VAT invoices (even in the case of business suspension, no receipt of bbuy, unused invoices)

    Monthly tax report + statistical report + quarterly report even though not yet incurred.

    • Completing the books: Completing the books: To redo books, redo vouchers, tax reports, and finalization reports according to relevant current regulations.
    • Peace of mind about accounting: This service of completing accounting books gives customers peace of mind about accounting and tax work at the business.
    • Experienced team: VI-STAR owns a team of experts with many years of experience in the field of training, accounting services, accounting consulting.

    The process of completing accounting books at VI-STAR

    Establishment of legal documents
    The initial tax return is very important for businesses, especially new lynx established enterprises, it affects the operation and development of the business. During the tax declaration process, it is mandatory to follow the declared accounting form until the end of the accounting year
    Monthly accounting service
    An indispensable part of accounting work is the monthly Tax report. The complete implementation of tax reports for businesses using HTKK software of the General Department of Taxation is part of the process of completing accounting books according to regulations.
    Completing accounting books
    The accounting book system is a detailed representation of accounting operations, reflecting the actual situation of business operations of an enterprise. The annual tax finalization is the part that decides the amount of tax payable to the tax office, reports the profit and loss business results in a year of the enterprise
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