Located on Highway 14 connecting the Central Highlands with the Southeast and Ho Chi Minh City; There is National Highway 28 connecting with Lam Dong and Binh Thuan provinces, Buprang national border gate and Dak Peur border gate to Mondulkiri (Cambodia),… Dak Nong province is considered a locality with a favorable position for economic development in the future.

    Among the abundant economic potentials of Dak Nong must be mentioned the potential of mineral resources, especially bauxite ore. Dak Nong’s bauxite ore is distributed in Gia Nghia town, Dak G’Long, Dak R’Lap and Dak Song districts, with an estimated reserve of about 5.4 billion tons, an estimated exploration reserve of 2. 6.6 billion tons, aluminum bauxite content reaches 35-40%…Other rare and precious minerals are also very diverse, for example, in Truong Xuan commune, Dak Song district, there are resources of gold, jade, white sapphire; in Gia Nghia town and Chu Jut district, there are tungsten, tin and antimony; raw materials for the production of building materials such as clay are scattered distributed in a number of districts; kaolin clay for high-grade ceramics is distributed in Dak Glong district, Gia Nghia town; pozzolan as raw material for cement, ceramic bricks; pumice basalt stone as raw material for the production of soundproofing, heat-insulating tiles, heat-resistant fibers….

    As for tourism potential, the province has many natural attractions such as majestic waterfalls in the middle of the old forest such as Trinh Nu waterfall, Dray H’Linh waterfall, Dray Sap waterfall, Dieu Thanh waterfall, Bear waterfall, Chuong waterfall. , Ngam waterfall (in the heart of the mountain), Lieng Nung waterfall, Dak GLung… The nature reserves of Nam Nung (25,000 ha), Ta Dung (28,000 ha) and small steppe Trang Ba Cay are over 3 km2 wide for tourism. Sports, horseback riding, hunting, camping… Especially, ethnic minority villages with unique cultural activities such as gong festival, drinking “Cần” wine, buffalo stabbing festival… cultural and humanistic tourism.

     The above tourism potential is a condition for forming tourist clusters and tours of Dak Nong province. If it can be linked with the southern tourist routes of Dak Lak, Binh Thuan, Lam Dong provinces and Ho Chi Minh City, it will create an attractive journey for domestic and foreign tourists. In addition, Dak Nong province also has a number of agricultural and forestry products with advantages such as corn, coffee, cashew nuts, rubber, cotton yarn, paper materials… to provide raw materials for the industry.

     Investment in industrial development is closely linked with production and consumption, between processing plants and raw material areas, between factories and farmers, forming a solid industrial-agricultural alliance, in order to fundamentally transform restructuring rural economy, developing agricultural product processing industry, gradually forming enterprises with shares contributed by farmers.

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