• Name : JS Ham Tan Industrial Park
    • Location: Quarter 2, Tan Nghia Town, Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan Province 
    • Size: 35ha (first stage in total 200ha)
    • Raw land lease: US $ 35/ m2 (tax of land for 50 years was paid)
    • Management fee: US $ 0.5 / m2 / year
    • Term of lease: from 2009 to 2059

    (Approval date: 29/9/2009, code: 48122000434)

    •      Water fee: 14,000VND/m3 (total amount: 1,140m3/day (stage 1)

    According to regulation of Binh Thuan People’s Committee.

    •   Sewage fee: US $ 0.35/m3 (total amount: 573m3/day (Stage1)

    Compliance with Vietnamese technical standard QCVN 24:2009/BTNMT.

    The unit price may vary depending on the chemical concentration of the wastewater and the treatment cost í equal to 80% of the water supply.

    •    Electricity: 935VND/kWh ~ 2,759đ/kWh – 22KV

    (Regular time: 1,503VND/ Peak time: 935VND / Off peak time: 2,759VND)

    •   The unit price is excluded VAT.

    Ham Tan industrial park is located in Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan province in southern Vietnam, 146km from Ho Chi Minh city, 105km from Vung Tau city and 70km from Phan Thiet city.

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