VI-STAR provides customers with the best service and offers many benefits:

    • Save time and get capital for production and business activities of the Enterprise
    • Science and professionalism in filing as well as dealing with Tax authorities.
    • During the process of consulting and preparing tax refund documents, VI-STAR will consider relevant issues such as accounting books, salary policy, contracts… as well as other procedures to supplement. , more complete for businesses
    • After the tax refund service, VI- STAR will always accompany and support businesses in their fields of operation.

    Tax refund service related to taxes:

    • Value-added tax refund consulting services;
    • Special consumption tax refund consulting service;
    • Tax refund consulting services under double taxation agreements;
    • Resource tax refund consulting service;
    • Import tax refund consulting service;

    Refund services for other taxes as prescribed by law

    Importance of tax refund for business

    Tax refund and declaration
    Tax refund & declaration Tax refund and tax declaration is an important job every business has to do every month.
    Supporting businesses
    Tax refunds create financial conditions for businesses when facing difficulties, facilitate businesses to expand production, and promote businesses to implement invoice accounting regimes. documents through inspection and examination by tax authorities.
    The benefits of tax refunds are not given due attention by businesses, thus leading to some cases of delay in tax refund or failure to process tax refund.

    The process of consulting business
    tax refund procedures at VI-STAR

    Advice and guidance
    - Consulting on issues related to tax refund;
    - Guide customers to transfer documents and related information.
    Collection and preparation of records:
    Collect information and documents related to tax refund;
    Drafting dossiers and documents for tax refund;
    Submit and explain
    Submit and follow up tax refund records of customers;
    Drafting and supplementing explanation documents for the tax agency on behalf of the enterprise.
    I believe completely in the service quality and reputation at Vi-Star
    Team Vi-Star has helped me a lot in calculating and rationalizing costs as well as standardizing the process and accounting apparatus at the company.