About Vi-Star

    We understand the worries and troubles in the management process of our customers. This is also the source of motivation for us to decide to establish Vi-Star Consulting Co., Ltd., with the desire to create a suitable, professional and optimal tool in both Accounting and Legal fields, helping businesses businesses save time, costs, human resources and focus more on business development

    During many years of accompanying development with domestic and foreign businesses, Vi-Star has always tried to bring customers an experience of Absolute Peace of Mind. Not only that, we continue to improve to become “the best version of ourselves” with: optimal solutions, cost savings, information transparency, accurate operations. At Vi-Star, completing tasks and giving customers an experience beyond expectations is a mandatory responsibility for all employees

    The Story of Vi-Star

    With a long-term vision to make Vi-Star a leading enterprise, providing a full range of accounting, tax and legal servicesin Vietnam. Sustainable and solid development based on the core foundation of a team of experts and well-equipped employees with professional qualifications, dynamism and dedication to the profession.
    We strive to work with all our hearts and minds, toutions for all accounting – Tax and legal problems in a timely and appropriate manner
    Provide the best service with the most competitive cost.
    Timely and updating legal information, ensuring that the client's business operation by the law. Training and building staff to meet the needs of the business as well as the development of the economy

    History of the establishment

    • In 2013
      Assemble the team
    • In 2015
      Focus and identify competitive strengths
    • In 2016
      Transforming and developing, affirming the brand
    • In 2017
      New solutions and services

    The stage of gathering a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts in the field of accounting– Tax and legal

    Vi-Star Company was founded by the idea of some experienced experts in the fields of Finance; Personnel; Tax accounting; The law. At the time of establishment, the company was named SAC TRADE SERVICES CONSULTING COMPANY LIMITED and started operating with the following services: Tax consulting, accounting services, financial consulting, human resource consulting, Legal consulting physical,…

    Stage of concentration and determination of competitive strengths of services.

    The company develops in-depth accounting and tax services; Legal advice and start to provide services to large-scale manufacturing companies.

    The period of transformation and development, affirming the Vi- Star brand.


    The phase continues to develop new solutions and services that respond promptly and quickly to the needs of all customers.

    The company continues to develop legal consulting services; investment consulting and building a comprehensive management system for enterprises.

    Strength from young,
    enthusiastic and passionate staff

    Vi-star owns a staff of young, enthusiastic, passionate about work, professionally trained, meeting the assigned job requirements to the most, providing quality services, best customer service
    Professional working style, high responsibility, solidarity and unity are always priorities that Vi-star aims at first. The solidarity and forward direction of the team of experts and employees in the company to go to success, create sustainable values of the company is the goal that Vi-star aims to be exactly like the logo image that we built
    Along with that, Vi-star always aims to build its own identity for the company, this is the difference, a unique mark that every customer, every partner will always remember when cooperating with Vi-star. Success by efforts - it is both the slogan of the company, and the goal of striving, the motivation for the staffs and employees in the company to continue to try, make more efforts, bring more satisfaction for customers and partners.

    Typical customers