Personal income tax report

    The Personal Income Tax (PIT) reporting service of VI-STAR will tell and guide customers with necessary information according to regulations. VI-STAR performs the reporting and finalization of PIT according to regulations…

    Customers need to prepare:

    1. Provide information on income, information on tax withholding, information on tax payment such as:
         – Enterprise: calculation and payment table of monthly salary and wages.
         – Individuals: income certification, tax withholding receipts, tax payment receipts…

    2. Sign on the tax declaration and PIT finalization file, submit the PIT declaration and finalization report to the tax agency (in case the tax agent service is not used)

    Consulting process for PIT reporting service at VI-STAR:

    Advice and guidance:

    •  Consulting on matters related to tax declaration and personal income tax finalization.
    • Guide customers to prepare documents and information related to tax return and personal income tax finalization.
    • Collect information and documents related to taxpayers’ personal income tax obligations.

    Declaration of MST registration:

    • Receive personal information from businesses in accordance with regulations
    • Need to enter data into the software according to regulations.
    • Print a report to check the information of businesses and individuals applying for tax identification numbers.
    • Submit the declaration for registration of personal tax identification number to the tax authority according to regulations.
    • Receive the personal identification number from the tax authority and return the tax identification number to the customer.

    Tax declaration and rental settlement:

    • Receive personal income information as prescribed.
    • Calculate the income tax of each individual according to regulations.
    • Enter personal data into the software according to regulations.
    • Print reports, get signatures, and signs according to regulations.
    • Submit personal income tax returns to tax authorities as prescribed.
    • Finally handing over the report to the customer.
    I believe completely in the service quality and reputation at Vi-Star
    Team Vi-Star has helped me a lot in calculating and rationalizing costs as well as standardizing the process and accounting apparatus at the company.