A. Legal basis

    Construction Law 2014;     

    Construction Law revised in 2020;     

    Decree 15/2021/ND-CP;     

    Some guiding documents.     

    B. Conditions on capacity for construction activities (Article 83 Decree 15)

    1. The organization must have sufficient capability under the provisions of this Decree when engaged in construction of the following areas:

    1.  Construction survey;
    2. Making construction planning design;
    3. Designing and verifying construction designs;
    4. Construction investment project management consultancy;
    5. Construction of works
    6. Construction supervision consultancy;
    7. Construction inspection;
    8. Management of construction investment costs.
    9. Organizations participating in construction activities in the fields specified at Points a to e, Clause 1 of this Article must have a certificate of capacity for construction activities (hereinafter referred to as a certificate of capacity), except for the case specified in Clause 3 of this Article. The fields and scope of operation of the capacity certificate shall comply with the provisions of Appendix VII of this Decree.

    In addition, for each specific field of activity, the organization must meet specific conditions corresponding to that field.

    C. Dossier for issuance of construction capacity certificate

    (1) An application form for a capacity certificate, made according to Form No. 04, Appendix IV of Decree 15/2021/ND-CP;

    (2) Decision on establishment of organization in case of establishment decision;

    (3) A decision on recognition of an organization’s specialized construction laboratory or a contract in principle on the association of experimental work in service of construction survey with an accredited construction laboratory ( for the organization applying for the certificate of capacity for geological survey of works);

    (4) The practice certificate shall be enclosed with a declaration and self-determination of the certificate class according to Form No. 05, Appendix IV of Decree 15/2021/ND-CP, or a declaration of the practice certificate number in the case it has been granted. practicing certificates issued under the provisions of the Law on Construction 2014 of titles requiring a practicing certificate; the training qualifications of the individual engaged in the performance of the work;

    (5) Competency certificate that has been issued by a competent authority in case of request for adjustment of the qualification certificate class;

    (6) Contract and Minutes of acceptance of the work performed according to the declared content (for organizations conducting construction survey, designing construction planning, designing, verifying construction design, consulting construction investment project management, construction supervision consultancy class I, class II);

    (7) Contract; Minutes of pre- acceptance test on completion of construction of work items, construction works or work parts (in the case of specialized construction work) made according to the declared contents (for organizations construction of class I, class II);

    The document according to the provisions in points (2), (3), (4), (5), (6) and (7) must be authenticated copy or electronic copy has legal value.

    D. Licensing authorities

    Ministry of Construction (for Class I certificates); Department of Construction (for class II, III certificates).

    E. Implementation time

    20 working days from the date of submission of valid documents

    The certificate of competence has a term of 10 years when it is first issued, or when it is granted an adjustment of the certificate class or renewal of the certificate.

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