Cases of registration of changes to
    business registration contents

    • Change of company name (including: change of name in Vietnamese, change of foreign language name, change of abbreviated name);
    • Change of the company’s business type (including: Change from a one-member limited liability company to a two-member limited liability company or more; change from a limited company to a joint stock company; change from a successful joint stock company) limited liability company, changing private enterprise into company).
    • Change the company’s head office;
    • Change information about phone number, fax number; email, company website;
    • Change the company’s business lines;
    • Change in the company’s charter capital (including change to increase the company’s charter capital or change to decrease the company’s charter capital);
    • Change in capital structure of company members;
    • Change of foreign shareholder information: Change of foreign shareholder; change the capital contribution ratio of foreign shareholders; change information on passport, household registration of shareholders being foreigners;
    • Change the legal representative of the company; Change in information of the legal representative of the company (including: change the title of the legal representative; change the identity card/identification card/passport number; change household registration, domicile current legal representative);
    • Change in information of owner of one member limited liability company: including transfer of owner, change of business license of owner (if legal entity), change of personal information of owner owned (if individual).
    • Change in tax registration information: person in charge of accounting; address information to receive tax notices; Bank accounts, tax calculation methods, etc.

    Cases in which it is not necessary to register
    for changes in business registration contents

    • Change shareholder information in a joint stock company;
    • Change of founding shareholders (Except for change of founding shareholders due to

    Documents to be submitted

    • Notice of change of business registration content/ change of legal representative/ change of owner of private enterprise/ change of owner of one member limited liability company/ Notice of addition, update business registration information;
    • List of members in a limited liability company with two or more members when changing the capital of a member in a limited liability company with two or more members;
    • List of authorized representatives for change of shareholders/members being foreign-invested organizations;
    • Minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders for joint-stock companies or Minutes of the Members’ Council meeting for limited liability companies with two or more members;
    • The decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders, for joint-stock companies, or the Members’ Council, for limited liability companies with two or more members, and the owner, for one-member companies;
    • Charter in case of change of ownership of one-member limited liability company;
    • Notarized personal identification papers for new members, foreign shareholders, change of legal representatives;

    Note: Depending on the content of the change, the enterprise needs to prepare a change file according to the items as mentioned in the Profile section above. You can contact vi-Star for advice or assistance in preparing documents quickly.

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