A. Overview of the Certificate of Free Sale

    For imported or exported goods, in order to freely circulate on the market of that country, such products need to be granted a Certificate of Free Sale – CFS.

    In different countries, the name of this certificate is slightly different, for example: in Vietnam, it is called Certificate of Free Sale – CFS; in the US it is called the FDA’s approval for marketing ; In EU countries, it is called a Certificate of European Quality Standard (CE Mark Certificate) , … Although the names are different, in general , a CFS-certified product means that the product has passed through the evaluation test methods of professional bodies in the country that , and has allowed the production, trafficking and consumption in the country. It is also meant as a clearance for goods to be circulated without being held by the customs authorities.

    B. The profile clients should have provided for certification circulation

    – Personal information of customers or organizations;        

    – Documents describing the technical characteristics of the product to be certified;        

    – Sample test results sheet of the accredited/suspended laboratory (if any).      

    C. Services for applying for a certificate of free sale at Vi-Star

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      The certificate of free sale opens up opportunities for Vietnamese exporters to access potential markets that require CFS.

      Vi-Star provides CFS certification services in markets like Vietnam. Union of EU, USA, Asia …

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