Legal basis

    – Law on food safety in 2010;        

    – Decree 15/2018/ND-CP;        

    – Decree 115/20218/ND – CP;        

    – Some documents guiding.        

    A. Conditions for granting the Certificate of eligibility for food safety

    a.1. Food service establishments, food processing establishments

    – Kitchen eating is arranged between the cross-contamination to ensure that no food and unprocessed food processed.        

    – Having enough water meeting technical regulations for processing and trading.        

    – Having tools for collecting and storing garbage and waste to ensure hygiene.        

    – Drains in shop and kitchen areas must be clear and not stagnant.        

    – The cafeteria must be airy, cool, well-lit, maintain a clean hygiene regime, and take measures to prevent insects and harmful animals.        

    – There are equipment for food preservation, toilets, hand washing and daily cleaning of waste and garbage.        

    – The heads of the units have kitchens eat collective responsibility for ensuring food safety.        

    – Having registered food business lines in the Certificate of Business Registration.        

    a.2. Food production and trading establishments

    – Having an appropriate location and area, having a safe distance from toxic sources, pollution sources and other harmful factors;        

    – Having enough water to meet technical standards for food production and trading;        

    – Having adequate equipment suitable for raw material handling, processing, packaging, preservation and transportation of various foods; have sufficient equipment, tools, means of washing and disinfecting, antiseptic water, equipment for prevention and control of insects and harmful animals;        

    – Having a waste treatment system and operating it regularly in accordance with the law on environmental protection;        

    – Maintain food safety conditions and keep records on the origin and origin of food materials and other documents on the entire process of food production and trading;        

    – Comply with regulations on health, knowledge and practice of people directly producing and trading food.        

    – Having registered food business lines in the Certificate of Business Registration.        

    B. Authority to issue certificates of eligibility for food safety

    – The Department of Health issues certificates of satisfaction of food safety conditions to food service businesses and food processing establishments.        

    – The Department of Industry and Trade issues certificates of satisfaction of food safety conditions to food production and trading establishments        

    C. Dossier of application for a certificate of eligibility for food safety

    – An application form for a Certificate of eligibility for food safety;        

    – A copy of the business registration certificate;        

    – An explanation of the physical facilities, equipment and tools to ensure food hygiene and safety conditions according to regulations of the competent state management agency;        

    – A health certificate of the establishment’s owner and the person directly producing and trading food, issued by a district-level or higher-level health facility.        

    – Certificate of having been trained in food safety knowledge of the establishment owner and of the person directly producing and trading food according to regulations of the Minister of specialized management.        

    D. Execution time

    15 working days from the date of receipt of a valid application, state agencies competent to examine the actual conditions to ensure safe food production facility, the food business.

    E. The duration of the Certificate of eligibility for food safety: 03 years from the date of issue

    03 năm kể từ ngày cấp.

    Note: Before 06 months from the date on which the Certificate of eligibility for food safety expires, organizations and individuals that produce and trade in food must submit an application for re-issuance of the Certificate in the next case continue production and business.

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