A. Foreign-invested companies must adjust their Investment Registration Certificates in the following cases:

    • Change investor information;
    • Change business information;
    • Change investment project information related to objectives, scale,…
    • Change the location of the investment project;
    • Change the form of investment;
    • Change of investment capital;
    • Change the duration of the investment project;
    • Change investor information, change investor;

    At the same time, when the enterprise carries out the procedures for adjusting the Investment Registration Certificate, it must also change the relevant contents in the Business Registration Certificate 

    B. Dossier for carrying out procedures for adjustment of the Investment Registration Certificate in case an investment policy decision is not required includes:

    • A written request for adjustment of the Investment Certificate;
    • Report on the implementation of investment projects up to the time of adjustment;
    • The investor’s decision on adjustment of the investment project for institutional investors or an equivalent document for individual investors; Minutes of the meeting in case it is a limited liability company with 2 or more members / partnership / joint stock company
    • Explain or provide documents related to the adjustment of the following contents:
    • Document on investor’s legal status;
    • Documents proving the financial capacity of the investor include at least one of the following documents: financial statements of the last 2 years of the investor; commitment to financial support of the parent company; financial institution’s commitment to financial support; guarantee on the financial capacity of the investor; other documents proving the investor’s financial capacity;
    • Proposing investment projects;
    • In case the investment project does not request the State to allocate or lease land or permit the change of land use purpose, a copy of the paper on land use rights or other documents determining the right to use the site shall be submitted for approval. implementation of investment projects;
    • Contents of explanation about technology used in investment projects, for projects subject to appraisal and collection of opinions on technology in accordance with the law on technology transfer;
    • BCC contract for investment projects in the form of BCC contract;
    • Other documents related to the investment project, requirements on conditions and capacity of the investor as prescribed by law (if any).

    C. Time limit for carrying out procedures for adjustment of Investment Certificate: Within 10 -15 working days, from the date of submission of valid application

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