Dossiers need to provide

    Notarized copies of citizen identification cards or valid passports of members, founding shareholders of the company, legal representatives of the company and information related to the company name, address, capital, business lines.

    If the owner is an organization, provide a notarized copy of the organization’s certificate of business registration with information on the representative of the contributed capital.

    Dossiers to establish new company

    Base on information are provided by customers, Vi-Star will prepare documents to establish a company including:

    – Application for business registration.

    – Draft corporate charter;

    – List of members for a two-member limited liability company or a list of founding shareholders for a joint stock company;

    – Valid copy of one of the personal identification papers:

    • For individuals: valid ID card or passport or citizen identification card;
    • For organizations: Certificate of business registration for organizations and enclosed personal identification papers of the authorized representative of the organization;

    – Decision on capital contribution, Letter of appointment of an authorized representative for company members, company shareholders being organizations;

    – Other documents in special cases

    –  Power of Attorney for Vi-Star to submit documents.

    Implementation time

    Within 07 working days from the date of submission of valid documents

    Related procedures after establishment

    – Engrave company seal;
    – Declaration and payment of license fees (According to Decree 22/2020/ND-CP, license fees will be exempted at the end of the first year of establishment);
    Declaring and submitting the original tax return (depending on whether the tax agency will require submission or not);
    Register to open a bank account and pay taxes electronically;
    Register to buy digital signatures and e-invoices;
    Regular tax declaration monthly/quarterly/yearly.

    Services of Vi-Star for customers

    – Ensure all legal issues for you;
    – Staff support enthusiastic and experienced, providing the best service;
    – Affordability;
    – Saves execution time.

    I believe completely in the service quality and reputation at Vi-Star
    Team Vi-Star has helped me a lot in calculating and rationalizing costs as well as standardizing the process and accounting apparatus at the company.