Announcement of conformity with food safety regulations means an organization or individual self-declare a product’s conformity with food safety regulations for products that do not yet have corresponding technical regulations. This is a mandatory procedure for organizations and individuals producing and trading food before putting products into circulation on the market.

    A. List of establishments subject to declaration of conformity and declaration of conformity with food safety regulations

    – Prepackaged processed food products; Food Additives; food processing aids; Tools and materials for packaging and containing food that have technical regulations must be announced and registered with a competent state agency before being circulated on the market.        

    – Products without technical regulations must be declared in conformity with food safety regulations and registered for declaration of conformity with food safety regulations.        

    – Food, food additives, enhancers food processing, tooling, packaging materials and containers imported foods p customs are registered conformity announcement at state agencies competent ago when importing.        

    B. Dossier of declaration of conformity with food safety regulations

    b.1. General legal documents include:

    – Certificate of registration of businesses now have food business sectors or business registration certificates for individual households;        

    – Certificate of establishment meeting food safety conditions for establishments that must have a certificate of establishment meeting food safety conditions as prescribed;        

    – For units announced products not directly lemongrass n exported through units of processing: Provides processing contract for enterprises not directly manufacture and legal records of the company’s processed products consists of:        

    • Certificate of business registration;
    • Certificate of eligibility for food safety.

    – Test results of products meeting hygiene standards on microbiological standards (According to Decision No. 46/2007/QD-BYT) .        

    b.2. Dossier of declaration of conformity with food safety regulations for products

    – Declaration of conformity with food safety regulations;        

    – Detailed product information sheet;        

    – Production process and production process explanation        

    – Sample product label (Note: in order to avoid trademark (trademark) disputes during product circulation on the market, customers should register trademarks for their products, avoid using use trademarks that infringe the trademarks of other subjects, as well as avoid other subjects from using their trademarks by not registering : ;        

    – Periodic monitoring plan;        

    – Quality control plan.        

    b.3 Number of records: 02 sets

    C. Competence to receive and issue certificates of publication of conformity with food safety regulations

    – Food Safety Administration for functional foods, food additives, food processing aids, imported products that are processed foods, prepackaged, packaging materials, contact tools directly with food; certify in writing for imported products (except for functional foods) only to serve production within the enterprise, doing business in supermarkets, four-star hotels or more;        

    – Sub-Department of Food Safety and Hygiene for domestically produced products which are prepackaged processed foods (except for functional foods), packaging materials, tools that come into direct contact with food of consumers. organizations and individuals producing and trading such products located in their locality;        

    – The Department of Food Safety or the Sub-department of Food Safety and Hygiene where the organization or individual has their head office located in the area, for domestically produced products for export purposes at the request of the importing country. ;        

    – Bureau of Food Safety or Sub Safe food hygiene where organizations and individuals headquartered in the locality: Is the same quality of the same organizations and individuals responsible for product but are produced in two provinces, cities or more.        

    D. Order and procedures for announcement of conformity with food safety regulations

    Step 1: Evaluation of conformity specified security food

    Church Time: between 10 to 15 days depending on the specific product

    Step 2: Apply the appropriate regulations published an entire food

    Within 20 working days after receiving complete and valid dossiers for declaration of conformity with food safety regulations

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